June 01, 2016

Welcome Fabulous June + My Makeup Runway Africa Feature

Welcome Fabulous June + My Makeup Runway Africa Feature

Hello my darlings; welcome to the fabulous June! June is my most loved month of the year and I’m sure you guessed why… June is my birth month! Yay!!! Having a moonwalk in my mind at the moment 😀

Long time no hear right? Well I was off the grid for a while but I’m back now and I have some fun things planned for y’all. While I was away, I exhibited two (2) creative makeup looks at the Makeup Runway Africa which held two (2) months ago… stale, I know! #FacePalm

I had a male model and decided to create “Gangs clash in the hood” look on him and this is what we came up with:


I created my version of Cat woman on my second model and we got this:


Which of the 2 looks above do you prefer? Would you rock any of these looks? 😀 😛

I had to walk the runway with my models at the end of the exhibition and thankfully my sweet supporters made a video of our walk and shared them with me.Enjoy these 2 short video clips:



I would love to appreciate the organizers of the show (The MakeUp Fair Series) for such a beautiful platform for creatives to show their talents. I got a lovely “goody bag” with some beautiful products which I’ll be reviewing in a bit.


I exhibited alongside these wonderful artists:


I know I promised to do some reviews which I will be posted ASAP but I would also love to know what you’d like to read from me. Are there tips/techniques you’d like to learn more about? Let me know your thoughts and lets create fun together!

Picture Credit: Imagine Photography for “The MakeUp Fair Series”.


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