October 01, 2015



Welcome to my Blog Dear Friends!craftress logo final

Hello dear people. I’m sitting here grinning from teeth to teeth, utterly excited about this journey we are about to begin together. I’m also excited to be putting up my very first post here on our Independence Day. Happy Independence Day Nigeria, may your light break forth like the dawn! Before I go on and on about my current state of euphoria, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lara aka The Craftress 😉 I have a first degree in Computer Science with Economics although my Crafts have taken over completely for now. I love crafts; I enjoy working with my hands to create beauty. I am also passionate about national development so I like to refer to myself as a social entrepreneur. You all will discover more about me in the near future so let me stop here.

The Craftress Services Company is about three major services (& products):

  • Professional Makeup Artistry
  • Jewelry
  • Confectionery/Pastry

In addition to the above, I’m keen on training. The Craftress Services Co. has a crafts school where we train aspiring crafters to become financially independent while doing what they love (this is also linked to my social enterprise).

There’s so much to say but I don’t want to wear you out in 1 post. This is just background info; seat back and let’s enjoy this ride together. I would really love to meet you, may I know your name and what you enjoy doing?


The Craftress.

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