October 08, 2015

Iris (Multicolor Necklace)


Hey peeps, how are y’all doing? Good I guess 🙂 Last month, I made my dear Iris (Multicolor Necklace) and she was ordered immediately I put up her picture on Facebook.

Iris is that one neck piece that can accessorize practically any color of outfit in your closet simply because she’s made up of plenty colors, hence, the name Iris (look up the meaning 😉 ) Jewlry lovers will be drooling already 😀 I know you’re wondering what Iris looks like right? There she is:


I had sold her but still put up her picture on Instagram and someone else buzzed for Iris but wanted some adjustments made to the original design. We came up with stud earrings instead of the dropping style and took out the whites at the back. Here she is:


You can rock Iris however you want and with whatever outfit, it’s all about your personal style. Here are some images I found of ladies rocking multicolor necklaces ( Sources: lyst.com & pintrest):

t-bags-navy-embellished-necklace-maxi-dress-product-1-7444493-832475068  a28034cf2925355af144aaf20e3bced6

So which of the variants of Iris do you prefer? I’d like to know. More orders are coming in for Iris and she can be customized to suit your style so feel free to buzz. We ship worldwide so distance ain’t a thing! 😉

Handcrafted with Love,

The Craftress.

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